Peter Scott
"I can honestly say that if it wasn't for Mindie, my coaching business wouldn't exist. She taught me how to build my first website, encouraged me to find my own voice as a coach, and even run my own events. When I met Mindie, I literally had no idea what I was doing, but she helped me refine my ability as a coach, and now I've developed a strong six-figure business."
Veroníca Pabon
"I took part in Cor in 2014 and I found it very helpful for three reasons: 1) Mindie gave us tools to coach from our hearts. 2) She helped us get rid of our own "stuff." 3) The training was very powerful in terms of marketing.
[Cor] is a program I would recommend to anyone 100%. I would do it again!"
"I’ve worked with Mindie since 2011 so I’m very familiar with the way she works. When I heard about Cor Coaching Academy at HeartPath, I knew it would be worth it, even though I am a project engineer and didn’t have any plans of becoming a professional coach. I can honestly say that I am a different person after going through this program.”
“I had been doing research for a few years on coach training programs, but none of them resonated with me. I’ve followed Mindie’s work and I knew that this was the program for me because I’d be learning from someone who had a lot of experience with coaching. Any other program wasn't going to offer that level of personal attention. I just feel so grateful for the safe space she provided and for her expertise.
"27 years in the same profession and for me to transition out of something like that, at this point in my life, was very intimidating..."
Dr. Ken Glass, Arizona
"I learned a lot about coaching, but I have also gained a ton of confidence...
I would highly recommend this class because while it's marketed for coaching, it covers so much more."

Sandra Rosenthal, Arizona
"I was on the fence about doing Cor..."
Jeanne Urquiza, California
"Mindie didn't buy into the story I was telling her.  She saw solutions where I was bringing problems.
It's easily the best online program I've ever done."
Anthony Dexmier, France
"I have sampled a lot of different mentors over the past few years... who promise a lot.  What I got in Mindie's program just blows everything else out of the water."
Rosalie Schneider, California
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