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Cor Intro

1: On Purpose

2: On Coherence

3: On Intuition

On Intuition
Cor Training
Let's recap...
12 weeks of online training,
plus 6 group calls,
private Facebook group,
group text,
and more!
Group Dynamics
Know Thyself
Money Blocks
Heart Intelligence
Behavior Change
Business Structure
Cor Case Study
Melinda Cahill
Perth, Australia

Melinda runs Huddle Up Creative, an online marketing and design agency, in addition to Wise Tribe Movement, a meditation-focused service.

"I can honestly say that if it wasn't for Mindie, my coaching business wouldn't exist. She taught me how to build my first website, encouraged me to find my own voice as a coach, and even run my own events. When I met Mindie, I literally had no idea what I was doing, but she helped me refine my ability as a coach, and now I've developed a strong six-figure business."

Peter Scott, San Diego

“I had been doing research for a few years on coach training programs, but none of them resonated with me. I’ve followed Mindie’s work and I knew that this was the program for me because I’d be learning from someone who had a lot of experience with coaching. Any other program wasn't going to offer that level of personal attention. I just feel so grateful for the safe space she provided and for her expertise."

C. Beasley, Illinois

"I’ve worked with Mindie since 2011 so I’m very familiar with the way she works. When I heard about Cor at HeartPath, I knew it would be worth it, even though I am a project engineer and didn’t have any plans of becoming a professional coach. I can honestly say that I am a different person after going through this program.”

H. Dulthummon, Michigan
These two students already had successful businesses. Learn why they chose Cor...
Dr. Daniel Harner
Shannon Wilson, "The Studio Coach"

Since you've made it this far, I'm guessing that you're interested in empowering people and helping others live their best lives.  This can only happen when you are doing the same for yourself. 

You can't get water from a dry well.

If you've felt the nudge to lead your life instead of just wandering through it, consider Cor as your next right step.

Allow me to help you fill up your well with confidence and courage so you can go and help other people.

In Cor, you’ll learn…

     •  A simple way to coach more powerfully and profoundly
     •  Why most coaches are focused on the wrong thing
     •  How to coach with confidence (even if you’ve never coached before)

In most coaching programs, the emphasis is on mindset change and techniques, but I'll teach you how to access your intuition and create rapport with your client.

You see…

Mindset isn’t enough.

You need to be able to take people to the next level; to go beyond mindset by integrating the heart.

Cor alumni share their experience...
Turning business from a nightmare to a dream.
Cor can benefit everyone!
A dentist becomes a coach...
Cor for a Parenting Coach
Who is Mindie Kniss?
Adventurer. Entrepreneur.

Mindie is a coach, speaker, writer, and award-winning humanitarian.  In 2007, she decided to leave a cushy Fortune100 career to become an entrepreneur.

Through her online courses, podcasts, retreats, and private coaching, Mindie reminds others of their true power and helps them bring their dream life into reality.

Mindie has presented on stages around the world to organizations like Zappos, Mindvalley, and The National Speakers Association.  She was featured in the movie, The Abundance Factor, and appears in the forthcoming movie, Impact.

When she's not working, Mindie can be found curled up with a book or on an adventure.  An avid outdoorswoman, Mindie has biked down the coast of Oregon, backpacked through the Wyoming Rockies, rock-climbed in the Grand Tetons, and explored hundreds of other trails and rivers throughout the US.

You may have seen Mindie on...
Cor Bonuses

Cor Confidence is a program Sean and I recorded a few years ago.  It's not available for sale anywhere, but I thought I'd include it here.

Confidence is crucial as a coach because you not only need to show up confident for your clients, you need confidence to put yourself out there in the world.

This is an audio program from Sean Stephenson (I believe it's one of his best).  It's 5 days of content set to inspiring music that you can listen to over and over again -- any time you need a boost of confidence.
Podcasting can be a great way to spread your message as a coach. When I got started, I didn't know the first thing about how to actually create a podcast, so I developed a step-by-step program to help you get the word out.
Answers Before You Ask
Is Cor right for you?

Yes, if you are interested in becoming a coach and have no idea where to begin.

Yes, if you have already started your coaching business, but you really haven't gotten any traction and you don't know what to do next.

Yes, if you want to learn about coaching from the heart, all backed by the science of neurocardiology.

Yes, if you want to continue your own personal growth as a coach.

Yes, if you're a leader and want to upgrade your coaching skills.

What kind of coaching is this?

Whether you want to be a business coach, a relationship coach, a life coach, or a health coach (there are MANY types of coaches out there), Cor is designed to give you the foundation you need to get started. 

We'll discuss how to pick a niche and target market.

No matter which type of coaching you choose, you will be able to coach more powerfully having gone through Cor.  This is because the psychology of human transformation and the basics of starting a business are the same regardless of the topic.

When does Cor start?
Cor begins with the first online lesson on February 4, 2020.
How will you receive the lessons?
Each week, you'll receive an email to let you know that the next Salon is live on the site.  You'll log in with your username and password to access your content for the week.
What in the heck is a Salon?
"A salon is a gathering of people under the roof of an inspiring host, held partly to amuse one another and partly to refine the taste and increase the knowledge of the participants through conversation. " - Wikipedia.  Cor Salons are a collection of videos to watch and discuss each week.
What is the refund policy?
I offer a 100% Money-Back Guarantee -- If you're not satisfied with your purchase within the first month of the program, simply let me know and I'll refund your payment.
How often is Cor offered?
Cor is offered once annually.
How much time will you need to dedicate on weekly basis?
I usually keep the Salon videos to about an hour per week, plus you'll have homework assignments.  On the weeks when there is a group call, plan for about 60-90 minutes for those.
Have another question?
Email us and we'll get you an answer right away.
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